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Take your AIRHAWK with you

Date: 01st September 2011| Category: Products
Your AIRHAWK Cushion can go anywhere with you! You may have gotten your AIRHAWK Cushion for a particular reason… but did you know you can use it almost anywhere you need a comfortable seat?

AirHawk Lovers around the world have shared stories of where else they’ve used their cushions.

  • BBQ fold up seats
  • Bobcat Driving
  • Bus Driving
  • Bus Stop
  • Car – as a driver, passenger, and back seat… whether it be a 4WD, family sedan, luxury vehicle, or mini miner.
  • Casino – sitting on a stools in front of the one-arm bandits
  • Conference Venues
  • Floor – sitting in front of the television
  • Ground – at a son’s football match
  • Heavy Machinery – in the mines, out on the farm, on the streets
  • Motorbikes – rider and pillion
  • Office Seats – own seat, in the boardroom, in the lunch room
  • Passenger Ferry
  • Picnic Benches
  • Pillow when napping during a Cricket Match
  • Pilot – Airplanes as well as Helicopters
  • Plane as a passenger
  • Restaurants
  • School Canteen sitting on a stool while serving
  • Scooter for an elderly relative
  • Stadiums
  • Taxi Driving
  • Train seat
  • Truck Driving
  • Velodrome – obviously as a spectator

… and the most interesting one we’ve ever had – on a rock at the top of Mt Beerwah, Glasshouse Mountains (Queensland, Australia).

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Author: Tom Thornley
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Comment By: Chelsey Schulze on 08th December 2011

I LOVE my Airhawk LTVF!!! I take it everywhere!