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AHMC - Medium Cruiser

Product Code : AHMC
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  • $169.00

For Cruisers, Tourers, Sports Tourers and others with large flat seats.
*if your seat rises up at the front towrads the tank you may be better
off with the AHR-L. 36cm long x 36cm wide. Zoom in on the image at
left for more measurements.

This product is made with clinically proven "Dry Floatation" technology

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(delivery to NZ 10-12 business days)


  • Dimensions: 360mm long x 360mm wide
  • Designed to fit most Cruisers, Sports Tourers and larger Dual Sport bikes. (often used on larger pillion seats)
  • Seating system comes standard with cover, attachment straps kit.
  • Every AIRHAWK is handcrafted from strong, lightweight polyurethane and features a non-skid urethane base to protect your bike's seat.
  • Material:  Polyurethane

CALL NOW to get your AIRHAWK Medium Cruiser 1300 783 128.

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