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Our best seller! It is designed to alleviate pressure on tail bone, prostate and scrotum areas, with a small cutout at the back, gap through the centre and large cutout at the front. 36cm wide x 33cm long. Zoom in on the image at left for more measurements. This product is made with clinically proven technology which mimics the properties of floating on water - without getting wet! Click Here for Testimonials Click here for Application Chart
Free Express Post in Australia + Free Delivery to NZ (delivery to NZ 5-12 business days)
*warranty applies to defects in materials or manufacturing of polyurethane bladder, at the discretion of Airhawk Australia P/L.


  • This cushion is specifically designed to eliminate 3 points contact, coccyx, prostate, scrotum. The cell geometry not only improves airflow under the rider to reduce heat build-up but also eliminates contact in painful areas.
  • The large half round cut out at the front also makes this cushion a great fit for saddle style seats and for bikes where the seat runs up the back of the tank. (A feature popular with shorter riders who often sit up close to the tank)
  • The gap running from front to back through the centre of the cushion is to avoid contact with the prostate.
  • The small cutout at the back provides space to avoid contact with the coccyx bone.
  • Each AIRHAWK is crafted from tough, lightweight polyurethane and features a Spacer Mesh top and sides to enhance Breathability and a non-skid base to protect your bike's seat.
  • Measurements for new AHR-L cushion 36cm wide x 33cm long.

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Click Here for Application Chart

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